Bela Takes Chase – ‘Rough Luxe’


Bela Takes Chase’ debut EP

My rating: 5/5

After what has felt like ages, this is the first time I have listened to the whole EP by Bela Take Chase. Guess what? I have loved the whole thing!

The EP opens with ‘Miles Away’, a song that begins with the tinkle of the ivories then we are introduced to the rather techno element of the song. It is happy and upbeat, allowing you to become accustomed to the sound that is BELA.


Up next is ‘Radiate’, an easy-listening tune that is guaranteed to get you chilled and relaxed. Her Katie Melua-esque vocals evoke emotion, showing off her true range, and she is only accompanied by her guitar. I may make this comparison, but she still remains unique and individual. I felt this song was pretty addictive but wonderful of course. Songs such as this display the musical genre that Bela adheres to, as well as her original performance style.

To end this glorious EP is the equally awesome ‘Take Whats Mine’. Also a favourite of mine off the record, Bela is joined by Louis Skinner who plays guitar as well on the tracks. Their voices blend very nicely together and even though it is essentially a sad song, it is beautiful and peaceful sounding…. the perfect way to finish listening to to the CD.

I recommend this EP to anybody who likes easy tunes that they can just wind down with and CHILL.



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