Train travel getting too pricey?



So, it is getting closer to that time of year where train travel is becoming most popular, especially among students coming back from university for the Summer – unless you are being picked up by parents.

It is generally accepted that the prices of train tickets are increasing gradually, but students feel the stretch a bit more than others. I mean, I certainly feel the pinch when it comes to looking at my bank account then at the price of the card. OUCH!

Fellow student Catherine Jones comments, “I hate that every time I want to travel back to see my family, I have to take into account how much I have in my savings. Especially when it comes to seeing the budget that I have anyway. It isn’t fair that they feel the need to increase prices – the worst time is during holiday periods such as Christmas!”

Similar points of view were shared as it is known that England is the priciest in terms of travel in the whole of Europe! This proves that rail travel is slowly becoming an extravagance that not many will be able to afford in the future…. if it keeps on growing.

Many protests have been held in order to get peoples voices heard about the issue. For example, one has taken place at London’s St Pancras Station. When asked about thoughts on the situation, another student who feels the impact replied, “it is ridiculous that having to travel anywhere, such as on trains is being made expensive and seemingly a privilege. We should be able to get to places without the struggle of extortionate prices.”

There are a few tips that can be offered on how to get the cheapest travel if you are currently a student:

  • Apply for the 16-25 railcard that can really reduce the prices when you buy a train ticket – with cardholders saving on average £174 a year!
  • Keep looking out for offers during holiday periods, some offers are reduced by 50% which is rather handy for returning during this usually busy period!
  • Have a look at several travel websites and compare prices, there may be cheaper ones out there that you have not noticed before.
  • Make the most of the facilities if you are indeed paying for a travel card that is slightly more expensive than what you would have liked. e.g. book a seat in the carriage that has the TV’s behind the seats. Much more entertaining, I assure you.


With these in mind…. HAPPY TRAVELS 🙂


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