My rating: 9/10

Casanova is a romantic film directed by Lasse Hallstrom in which the story is based loosely on the life of Giacomo Casanova.

We have all heard (hopefully!) about Casanova and what he is most renowned for at some point (being a major seducer). So for me seeing Heath Ledger in this role was particularly exciting – as was having popular British Iranian comedian Omid Djalili play his ‘sidekick’ if you will. With these two put together, you could guarantee a a whole lot of belly laughs….and those I did have.


Djalili and Ledger getting up to their usual mischief

In this particular version of Casanova, his love interest Francesca Bruni was played by none other than the wonderful Sienna Miller (Layer Cake , Alfie). The story revolves around Casanova having to find a suitable partner to marry otherwise he would be exiled from Venice; this comes as a warning after being warned by The Doge who wanted to avoid trouble with the church. When Casanova starts being searched for due to forging the identity of Paprizzio (Francesca’s actual suitor) in order to get closer to her, mass-confusion ensues leading to arrests of the wrong people. The best line arises when Paprizzio is taken to be questioned/tortured because the captors thought he was Casanova after being duped by the real man, one of the captors still convinced that Paprizzio is Casanova (no one knows what he actually looks like) and says,“Fornication on a massive scale leads to confusion.” Eventually he gets caught and just as he is about to be hanged as punishment, he manages to escape with Francesca in tow where they make a getaway on a boar – professing their love for one another.


Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller and Lena Olin (plays Francesca’s mother)

The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2005.

Here Heath talks about what it was like playing such a character…



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