‘The Way Of The Dragon’


 My rating: 7/10

 The Way Of The Dragon is a Hong Kong martial arts – comedy film which was written, produced and directed by Bruce Lee. Coming as Lee’s directorial debut, the other actors who starred alongside him were Nora Miao, Chuck Norris, Robert Wall, Hwang In-Shik, Paul Wei and Wang Chung-hsin.


You don’t mess with Bruce Lee when he gets the Nunchuks out!!

This film is about Tang Lung (played by Lee) who is brought over from Hong Kong to Rome to help out a family friend, Uncle Wang. The help is needed because of the local mafia who are trying to take over the restaurant that he owns. Once he arrives in Rome, he gets to know the city and then starts his duty at the restaurant. While at first Tang did not feel he needed to show his skill of ‘Chinese boxing’ in front of the other workers at the restaurant who were practising Karate, his skill became essential when the mafia came over to threaten and intimidate the owner. As you expect, many punches and kicks were thrown in true Bruce Lee style – putting the mafia to shame. The main events that take place are the mafia constantly trying their luck with sending other members to the restaurant and Tang’s apartment to try kill him, or sniper him out as one man tried to do. As the film comes to an end, there is a duel of fists when Tang is led to one of the Ancient Roman ruins and has to take on Colt (played by Chuck Norris), but Tang manages to beat him by using the ‘Guillotine choke’, leaving him dead on the ground. * WOO HOO * …… In what I felt was a slightly anti-climactic end, Tang feels his job is done and says his goodbyes and leaves Rome. Hmmmm, is that it? Yes, unfortunately.

For me, the highlights of the film were the moments of fighting and I did really find the dubbing over hilarious, some of the voices did not match the person they were on. Bruce Lee is certainly the master when it comes to using his skills to overpower someone. POW! WHAM! PUNCH!

This film generally a very entertaining watch and I highly recommend it to every one who is a fan of this martial arts legend!

I leave you with my favourite scene from the movie… ENJOY


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