Sing sing sing

I needed a little chill and thought, you know what? It is Sunday, why not put on some Laura Marling and Sam Bradley?




If you haven’t listened to these two artists, you should!! (I am going all preachy) .

Here are some five facts (on Laura Marling) to get you started:

1) She has 4 albums: ‘ Alas, I cannot swim’ , ‘I speak because I can’ and ‘A creature I don’t know’

2) She also won Best Ever Female Solo Artist at the 2011 Brit Awards and was nominated for the same award at the 2012 Brit AwardsSHE BEAT CHERYL COLE

3) She was engaged to Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons), but they pair split in 2010 and remain friends.

4) Laura was part of the original line-up of Noah & the Whale but left in 2008.

5) Laura Marling also has recorded various songs such as “Love Me, Then Leave Me“, “Such a Shame“, “Mexico“, “Soulless Child“, “Dreaming“, “Anywhere With Meaning“, “I Know You“, “Rebecca“, “Candlelight“, “It’s Only My Opinion“, “She’s Changed“, “Man Sings About Romance“, “Lolita“, “Karma“, “London Town“, “Typical” and “Is A Hope“.

Now onto Mr Bradley:

1) Sam, 25 is the son of successful country singer Lee Lindsey.

2) His youtube videos are refreshingly amateurish, showing him sitting in front of his webcam playing guitar and showing his raw singing talent. No autotune here.

3) Sam self manages the business aspect of his career choice. No manager or agent, just himself.

4) He loves performing in The House of Blues in Los Angeles as it was one of the first places he ever performed in the US and he has great memories of it.

5) He has lived in Nashville and in many other places around the US.

Soooooo what are you waiting for?!!…. GO LISTEN x


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