My current obsession with ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’

The time has come where I am once again obsessed with a particular TV show, this time it happens to be ‘Never mind the Buzzcocks’, or #NMTB in tweeting terms.

Every week the rather comical musical quiz show comes to be on BBC 2 and as usual it never fails to amuse me. My favourite host of the show must definitely be Simon Amstell (of Preston-gate) , his sarcasm and cruel humour is something I find hilarious (unfortunately) but that is what you expected if you were to go on the show!

When it comes to Team Captains throughout the times, you can’t forget Phill Jupitus, Noel Fielding, Bill Bailey and of course Russell Brand. Put these people as head of the two teams and hilarity ensues.

I am obviously overjoyed that there is now a new series with ever changing guest hosts, these having been Example and Jack Whitehall.


(From left to right: Phill Jupitus , Simon Amstell & Bill Bailey)


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